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Exchange Students’ Feelings


 Pushkarev Alexander (exchange student from Russia)

    I knew nothing of Changchun before I came to China, but when I am here I find this city is so amazing and incredible!My friends and I take a few hours to walk everyday to enjoy the beauty of the city, even in the night the park and the university are so charming!There are lots of chances in Changchun, like communicating with foreigners, traveling and to know better about the culture, etc. Personally, I think highly of the education of Changchun University. It's really fun in the class and teachers are very kind. I think it would be good for a foreign student to study Chinese in such kind of circumstance. Lots of foreigners live in Changchun, like people from the United States, UK, Australia, Africa, Japan, Korea, etc. I have several foreign friends and the different cultures, modes of thinking also make me feel fantastic!


Kim Min Nah  (Korea)

    When I came to Changchun!knew nobody and nothing about Chinese, but time flies without noticing it. I get used to the life in China and my life has changed. Teachers are very kind to me and they are always willing to help me.Other classmates may think Chinese is very difficult but!find a lot of fun in Chinese. I have fallen in love with Chinese and my life in China is very sweet.


  Aloviddinov Faridun (Tajikistan)

    I  study Chinese  in  Changchun University and though the University is not in the center of the city, the traffic is very convenient. There are light rail stations and bus stations around the University The Weixing road beside the University is wide. Renmin Street is to the east of the University and it is very long. We can take Bus 315 and buy clothes in Guilin Road. HengKelong supermarket is in the east and things are very cheap there. To the south of our University is KFC. Around KFC is the light rail station and lots of students like to take it because it is fast and cheap.