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Message From The President

     President's Welcome

    As the old Chinese saying goes,“Here come friends afar, exceedingly how happy we are!”

    I sincerely welcome you toChangchunUniversityto learn Chinese language and culture enthusiastically.

    At the moment, the whole world is linked together, which is the inevitable trend for social development and human self一actualization. As one of the six official languages of the United Nations, Chinese is considered more and more important by people from all over the world. According to American Census Data, Chinese (following Spanish) is becoming the second most common foreign language inUSA. For you with keen interests in Chinese five thousand years’history, learning Chinese is definitely the right choice.

   ChangchunUniversityis located in the capital city Changchun of Jilin Province. As pearl of the north,Changchunis one of the cities where standard mandarin is widespreadly used.ChangchunUniversitybelongs to the first batch of universities that have been authorized by the National Education Committee to accept foreign students. We have never stopped the efforts in deepening the Chinese teaching reform and have steadily raised the level and quality on courses. Meanwhile, we have qualified teaching staff offering Chinese language courses which are specially designed for overseas students. In addition, an outstanding learning environment and living conditions are provided for overseas students. The University is devoted to building  "a Blueprint for New Era”for all of you.

    Great changes are happening at ChangchunUniversity, and I look forward to sharing them with you.

                                                                                                                 Pan Fulin