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Changchun University Introduction

  ChangchunUniversityis a multi-disciplinary university authorized by Jilin Provincial Government. It is located in the capital city Changchun and includes three campuses all together covering 1,129, 000 squaremeters.

    ChangchunUniversityis proud of its long history. The university passed the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation successfully in 1997 and won the honor of Outstanding University of Undergraduate Teaching in 2006. Till now we have trained more than 40,000 undergraduate students.

    The library, as one of the best in Jilin province, holds a collection of 1.38 million volumes of printed books and journals. Since 2003, the university has invested 208 million in reconstruction and extension project to improve learning and teaching conditions.  The university is consist of 19 institutions, offering 43 undergraduate degree courses, and represents over 13,000 students. There are over 613 instructors in the university, including 91 professors and 206 associate professors, At present,ChangchunUniversityhas 3 national level science research centers, 1 provincial key academic discipline, 1 provincial key science lab, and 2 provincial key humanities and social sciences research bases. The education scope covers a wide range of fields, including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and management.

    The Foreign Affairs Department and International Culture Exchange Institute have the honorable title for their outstanding work given by Jilin Provincial Government for 10 years. With the open-ended idea and usage of international education recourses, we have implemented many international projects and programs.ChangchunUniversityis one of the 200 institutions that are authorized by the National Education Committee to accept foreign students. At present,ChangchunUniversityhas established ties with 65 universities from 15 nations such asJapan, theUnited States of America,South Korea,Russia,CanadaandUnited Kingdom. We have co-operated with Raffles Education Corporation establishingRafflesInternationalCollege. There are more than 150 specialists employed and invited to our university for work and lectures recent years. At the same time, lots of outstanding teaching staff and administrative staff go abroad for further studies supported byChangchunUniversity.

    Based on systematic management principles, the university focuses on innovation, discipline construction, and teacher-training in its development. The University aims to provide excellent students a learning environment enriched by research so that students may develop intellectually and individually.