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Study at Changchun University

.ChangchunCityis one of the cities where standard mandarin is widespreadly used.

.Changchun University is a provincial multi一disciplinary university, ranked,“the Excellent" on Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation in 2006.

.Changchun university offers the broadest categories of academic disciplines, including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and management.

.International Cultural Exchange Institute is in the first batch of institutions that have been authorized by the National Education Committee to accept foreign students.

.The Foreign Affairs Department and International Cultural Exchange Institute have the honorable title for its outstanding work given by Jilin Provincial Government for 10 years.

.ChangchunUniversityhas established ties with 65 universities from 15 nations such asJapan, theUnited States of America,South Korea,Russia,CanadaandUnited Kingdom

.The Institute is focused on the Chinese language training. Our teaching is flexible and combined with short一term, long-term and, speed-up courses. All courses are student-centered.

.The Institute building is multifunctional, including accommodation, lecture rooms, dining facilities and leisure rooms.