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Application procedures

O The applicant should complete the Chang一chun

University Application Form for International Students.

Forms are available by sending mail toChangchun

University International Office, or can be downloaded

using the link below:

http:// iec.ccu.edu.cn/

O Fill in the forms and send them back with the

senior secondary school graduation certificate or higher

diploma and official transcript.

The successful applicant will receive the admission

notice and the JW202 form

O These documents are to be submitted to your local

Chinese Embassy or Consulate for Visa Application

O The applicants will be informed of the commencement

dates of his or her respective programs and

must turn up for the program according to schedule

According to different circumstances, we provide a

Speed-up Visa service, students only need to apply for (L)

Visa to their local Chinese Embassy. When they arrive in

Chinawe will help them to change it to a study visa and

do the physical examination.

Admission requirements

▲The applicant must be healthy, not less than 16

years old, has an interest in Chinese language, Chinese

culture and Economics, but not a Chinese citizen.

▲The applicant must have a high school diploma or

higher educational background, and meet the requirement

of HSK Examination if pursuing the bacc一alaureate degree

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Fees(2010 academic year)

▲Undergraduate program:

RMB15,000 yuan per person per year

▲Language program:

RMB15,000 yuan per person per year

RMB7,500 yuan per person per semester

RMB3,500 yuan per person for one一month term

RMB4,500 yuan per person for two一month term

RMB5,500 yuan per person for three一month term

Accommodation fees

Single room: RMB7,500 yuan per room five months

Double room: RMB4,000 yuan per person five months


Campus cafeteria meals will usually cost RMB 900

Yuan per person per month

Miscellaneous fees

Medicare and other expenses vary from student to

student and will be charged according to relevant


Contact us


International Culture Exchange Institute

No.6543Weixing Road, 130022


Tel:0086-431-85250126 0086-431-85250068



E-mail: cdiec@126.com